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Furiously Happy By Jenny Lawson

When I read on Twitter that Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess, was writing a second book, I was excited. I really enjoyed her first book: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I just finished reading Furiously Happy and I was a little disappointed. It’s not a sequel to the first book and I was fine with that. The focus of this book, along with Jenny Lawson’s quirky humor, was mental illness. I’m glad that there is more openness about life with mental illness. My favorite parts of Furiously Happy were the chapters where she wrote the most about what depression or other mental illnesses were like and how we should try to live “furiously happy” despite having (and maybe because of) mental illness.

I did enjoy the chapters that were pure humor and didn’t seem to focus on mental illness. Adventures she had in Japan and Australia were amusing and fun. Reading about her new house and the things that happened when she moved in were enjoyable, too. But I found quite a few chapters just fell flat for me and at points I found myself looking to see how much more of the book there was left to read. I think that the book on it’s own is still good. Her first book was so good, though, that this one pales in comparison. If you want a book just for the humor aspect, I’d read her first book or a different book. However, if you want a humor book that makes you feel less alone as you live with mental illness, I recommend Furiously Happy.



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