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Did Not Finish

I just posted a book review of a book that I didn’t finish. When I first started this blog, I was going to force myself to finish every book. I thought maybe the book would get better or I could better analyze what exactly it was in the novel that made me dislike it so much. But life is too short and there are too many (possibly good) books out there to be read to waste time on books that are just not good.

I thought of just posting books I finish to this blog. Maybe people don’t want to read about books that I didn’t even finish. Is a review truly relevant if the book wasn’t read to the end? But I don’t post to this blog for other people. I’m not a career blogger, I have no intention of ever becoming one, and I make no money from this blog. This is just a fun hobby for me that I open up to anyone interested in seeing my bookish thoughts. So, I will keep posting reviews of books that I do not finish. Maybe you appreciate negative DNF reviews as much as the positive reviews of books completed.



I'm a SAHM and bibliophile.

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