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Blog News

As you may have noticed, there were no blog posts in January. There will also be no blog posts in March and only the one recent blog post in February. These are busy months for me for this year. In April, I hope to come back to the blog more regularly, with posts that go beyond just book reviews.

Also, I hope you like the new look. Lighter colored themes, especially white, seem to be the more popular type with book blogs and I wanted to seem more professional. However, I’m embracing this blog as purely my hobby and not a job, so I went with this darker look that I’m quite fond of.


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An Unnecessary Woman by Rabih Alameddine

This book had a good writing style and interesting main character but it was a little frustrating to read. I thought I would be reading a book about a woman’s life and her home city Beirut. When that was the focus of the book, I really enjoyed it. But too often the book veered off into rants or musings on various topics. You could see how great the book could have been, especially at the end.