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Welcome to Night Vale by Jeffrey Canor and Joseph Fink

I have heard of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, but I don’t usually listen to podcasts and never got around to listening to that one. But I saw the book in the library and thought it would probably be a great and fun book to read. It was quirky in the Welcome to Night Vale style and a mystery involving two women of Night Vale.

I rate it a solid 3 stars on the Goodreads scale. It was fun, weird, and an interesting mystery. But it wasn’t a great book. It was just okay. I have a feeling I would have liked the audio book more than reading the hardcover version. While the strangeness of Night Vale is fun, it seemed like there was too much description of all of the little oddities of the town and it dragged the story down a little. I would have like the book more if it was a little faster paced with maybe tighter editing. But, again, maybe this works much better in the audio version, which is done by the same person who does the podcasts.

I recommend the book if you listen to the podcast and love it. Though I recommend you listen to the audio version. If you just want an introduction to Welcome to Night Vale, maybe just listen to the podcast, which is free.






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