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Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

Latest book read is the short novel Every Heart a Doorway. It’s so good. If circumstances had allowed, I would have devoured this book in one sitting. The book centers on an estate that takes in and educates pre-teens and teens that have been to other lands, like Alice in Wonderland type lands (though there’s quite a variety of magical worlds that are wonderfully described) but ended up back in our normal world against their wishes. I read as little about a book before I read it as possible because I’m sensitive to anything that even hints at being a spoiler (and that’s why I don’t go in-depth in reviews, I’m afraid of accidental spoilering). So, I was expecting it to be some fun magical type boarding school deal. It has elements of that, but it also has a murder mystery.

I loved magical boarding school part the best. I’m not really a big murder mystery kind of person, except that it featured more of a creepy character that I really liked. But even with that not being really my thing, I liked the whole book quite a bit. There is apparently two sequels coming out. Well, one appears to be a prequel and the other a proper sequel. I plan to read both of them as soon as they are released.

As you may have noticed, making my reading more reflective of the world we live in is important to me. I felt a little bad when I started reading this book because I thought it didn’t get any points for diversity and my reading list this year has been a little too white and heterosexual. Turns out, I was mistaken. The author is bisexual, one of the main characters is asexual and another prominent character is transgendered. I’ve never before read a book with an asexual or transgendered character, so that was a nice change.




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