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Slade House by David Mitchell

My latest read is Slade House by David Mitchell. I don’t read a lot of spooky stories. But Twitter has been going wild over the Netflix show Stranger Things and that led to me watching the entire first season. I loved that show and it made non-spooky books just seem bland. So, I picked up Slade House from the library and read it in under a week. As someone with a young child and has always been a slow reader, that’s fast. It was just what I needed. It’s not super scary or I couldn’t have read it. I don’t tend to enjoy super scary things and I usually read right before going to sleep at night. This book was spooky in a fun way that kept me entertained, sucked into the story, but did not give me any nightmares. This book seems made/written for a mini-series or big screen movie. (Here’s a Goodreads link if you want a synopsis.)

I didn’t realize until after I had finished the book that apparently David Mitchell likes to link all of his books and has traces of his previous book in his next one. Slade House is the only David Mitchell book I’ve read and it holds up well on its own, but it does follow Bone Clocks and you may or may not want to read that first. Slade House is not part of a series, but there are elements/traces of Bone Clocks. But, following David Mitchell’s apparent style, there are traces of the previous book in Bone Clocks. I have no intention of reading Bone Clocks, but I thought some people might want a heads-up. Though I will be looking for the next book David Mitchell writes, even if it has no connection whatsoever to Slade House. I just think his writing is quite good.



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