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The Sun In Your Eyes by Deborah Shapiro

Today I finished reading The Sun in Your Eyes. The book revolves around the friendship of Viv and Lee, a much smaller focus on Viv’s marriage to and Lee’s past relationship with Andy. Viv is supposed to be a relatable character as someone who is married, just found out she’s pregnant (not a spoiler since we find out very early on), and is dissatisfied with her life because she can’t let go of the past. A large section of the book is from Viv’s point of view. At first I found her interesting, but by the end of that section, she just seemed annoying and unjustifiably bitter.

Maybe Viv was supposed to come across that way. Because the next section was from Lee’s perspective. This is not the first book I’ve read with a serious person who makes friends with a breathtakingly beautiful woman who always seems just out of everyone’s reach, in a troubled sort of way. Normally, I am much more sympathetic to the serious person, since I’m much more like her and others of the serious sort. But the way Viv’s section left me annoyed with her, made Lee more sympathetic and made me more open to getting inside of Lee’s head at just the time we do. Lee is the daughter of famous parents and is on the hunt for the missing last recordings of her dead famous musician father. Her section was much more interesting than Viv’s and I ended up having compassion for her and wish her section had been the larger one.

All in all The Sun in Your Eyes is an okay book. It is nothing special, but not all books need to be. There is definitely a market for easy books that don’t take a lot of mental energy and aren’t dark like much of literary fiction.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, which did not influence my review.




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