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Leave Me by Gayle Forman

My latest read is an excellent book called Leave Me. In it a woman runs away after having a heart attack and is overwhelmed by taking care of everything  while her body tries to recover. She has a husband and her mother comes to help, but both are pretty useless as any real help. She leaves.

A lot of people may have problems with a woman abandoning her children and husband. Not me. First of all, this is fiction and not real life. Secondly, if she hadn’t left, how would she have ever recovered? No one was willing to truly help her. They just expected her to do everything as she’s always done. (And she wasn’t a stay-at-home mother. She worked a full time job and all of the household stuff like cooking and cleaning, in addition to caring for the children while they weren’t in school.) There’s also more to the story, but I don’t want to post accidental spoilers. But the rest of the book touches on the topics of adoption, marriage, friendship, and motherhood.

I highly recommend this book. I’m a slow reader and it normally takes me at least a week to read a book, but this one was read in 3 days. It’s well written and paced well. I’ve read quite a few books this year that were good, but dragged in parts. No dragging in this book. I’ve seen some reviews on Goodreads where people take issue with the Maribeth leaving her children. Obviously don’t read this book if that is such a big problem for you. I mean, it’s a basic part of the book and listed in the description. Although, maybe you should still read the book, so that you develop a bit of empathy and stop being so judgemental of parents (especially mothers), which is a problem in society currently.





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One thought on “Leave Me by Gayle Forman

  1. Sold!! I’m definitely going to read it. I’ve actually read a few by Gayle Forman and liked the writing/stories, so I bet I’ll like this one.


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