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Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen

Miller’s Valley is an amazing book. The narrator is a girl, who by the book’s end is a woman. Her home is in Miller’s Valley and she is a Miller. Her family has lived there for generations, but the problem with her part of Miller’s Valley is that it floods severely and the government wants to change the dam so that it permanently floods the entire town, creating a nice little tourist recreational area. However, the residents don’t want to leave so easily because while this place may have its problems, it’s home and loved ones are buried there.

This book was beautifully written. I think it may be my favorite book of the year so far. It’s the kind of book that I imagine might get made into a movie, but I’m not sure I’d want to watch it because the director’s vision may be quite different from mine. So many of the books I’ve read this year were good, but dragged in places. This book flowed well from start to finish. It left me with the most wonderful feeling, as if I had just had a very satisfying meal with great dining companions.



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2 thoughts on “Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen

  1. Huge praises here! I like how you compared this book to being satisfied with a really good meal. Those books are amazing. I am glad you enjoyed and thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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