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I’ve seen other people, via newsletter or blogs of varying types, do a 3 or other numbered post. I thought I’d do the same here on Sundays when I can as a week in review of sorts. I realize that technically the week begins on Sunday, but I’m used to thinking of my weeks beginning on Mondays. And Sundays are a more relaxed day in my household, so it’s a good day for this kind of post.


Last week I started back up with NetGalley. I don’t usually like to read ebooks. It’s just not as enjoyable a reading experience. I also feel like I don’t quite throw myself into a book mentally as easily with an ereader, like there’s a biological as well as psychological difference to reading an ebook vs a paper book. But I do enjoy getting to read books prior to publication and they are free. Last year I was new to blogging and requested more books than I could read, especially given how busy the first half of this year was for me. Now, I’m trying to be better about only requesting books that I truly think I will be able to review and hopefully will enjoy.


As the mother of a 3 year old, I read a lot of picture books and have started reading some beginner chapter books. I’ve always enjoyed sweet stories like Winnie-the-Pooh and Francis the Badger books. But I have a boy who has very different reading preferences than me. First, he really seemed to enjoy stories that featured trucks or vehicles of some sort. Then, he wanted stories that featured dinosaurs. Now, he doesn’t usually want to read fiction at all. He just wants to read non-fiction books about animals. Part of me thinks I should fully respect his reading choices, but I also feel like he shouldn’t just read non-fiction. So when we go to the library, I have him select two story books which often end up unread or only read once (unlike the many times the non-fiction books get read). This week I might have finally found a fiction book that he enjoys called Bonesville, which is perfect for Halloween, a holiday my son loves.



I'm a SAHM and bibliophile.

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