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I like the Goodreads Challenge. I fail a lot of my new year resolutions, but I love to read so that goal setting, if done right, is possible to achieve and fun for me. Originally I set a goal of 52 books. But then I realized this year, especially the first half, would be a very busy one for me. So, I adjusted it to 24. I thought that I should be able to read 2 books a month and if I didn’t, that’d be kind of sad considering how much I love to read. Well, I just completed my goal. It helped that I read some novellas this year. I didn’t set out to read shorter books, but it just worked out that some of the ones I was interested just had fewer pages. I think it also helped that I joined Litsy (a wonderful bookish app) . The Litsy community is a great collection of book lovers and they don’t tend to steer me wrong on book recommendations. (Not a sponsored post. I just really like Litsy.)


I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve read almost no non-fiction this year. Unless you count magazines and newspapers. That changed due to a lot of love I was seeing on Litsy for Upstream by Mary Oliver. I posted my review yesterday for that book, which is lovely. I’m a nature lover and she’s a good writer, so we’re a good match. Based on the books I need to read either from the library (recently picked up Another Brooklyn and Dark Matter) or NetGalley, I don’t think I’ll be reading anymore non-fiction this year. Hopefully, though, I’ll read a few non-fiction books next year. I have read a lot of children’s non-fiction since my son is in a non-fiction animal books phase, but I don’t count the books of his I read to him.


My son and I have very different reading tastes, which makes me a little sad. One of the great things about being a parent to a child who enjoys books is reading to them. There are so many great children’s books that have been published. So, it’s frustrating when you have a child with a narrow set of book preferences. I love that he loves books and when he reads to himself, I hope I’m good about respecting his reading choices, but there are so many wonderful books I want to read to him and can’t. At our last library trip, I decided to select one picture book that looked good to me, but was not one my son chooses. I knew it was unlikely he’d enjoy it, but if nothing else, it let me look over books to see if they were good enough to buy as gifts for my niece, nephews, or little cousins. I picked Julia’s House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke and I really like it. The illustrations are good and the story is cute. It doesn’t get my son’s approval, but I think I’ll be buying it for a birthday gift for someone else.



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