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The Graces by Laure Eve

The Graces is the kind of YA novel I would have loved as a teen because the MC feels like she’s all alone in the world and there’s magic. I did enjoy it as an adult, but I think teens probably like it even more than me. I gave it a solid 3 stars on Goodreads. It’s a novel about a mysterious family who appear to be witches. In comes a new girl from out of town who desperately wants to be a part of the Grace teens’ circle. But it isn’t just because the three Grace teenagers are the most popular kids in high school. The new girl has a dark secret that she is hoping the Graces can help her with. One thing I really liked about River (the new girl) is that she’s not a perfect character. There are things about her that make River relatable (such as the outsider aspect), but she’s also flawed, which I think makes for a better story. It’s the first half of a duology and I plan to read the 2nd book when it’s published in 2017.



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