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Girl in Disguise by Greer Macallister

When I found out there was a book written about the first female Pinkerton agent, I had to read it. Girl in Disguise is loosely based on a real woman who was the first female Pinkerton operative. This book doesn’t disappoint. I read it in just a couple of days and I’m a slow reader. It’s a fun historical novel, full of adventure. Kate Warne was hired around 1856 by Allen Pinkerton of the famous Pinkerton detective agency. As expected, a woman at that time and being the very first female agent, she has trouble being taken seriously, but proves herself an excellent agent.

I’d love to see this made into a TV show, especially since it’s a standalone novel and with the many cases Kate Warne would have worked, a series (TV or novels) makes sense (and would be fun to watch or read). I’m not big on nonfiction, especially if we’re not talking about memoirs, but this book makes me quite interested in the real Pinkerton agency, so I’ll be looking for a book about that now.

I received an eARC from NetGalley for an honest review. The book is expected to be published in March 2017.



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