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Bookish Stuff (Formerly 3 Things)

3 Things is now Bookish Stuff. My Bookish Stuff posts will be the place each week where I will post book news links that I find interesting or important, any personal book news, and short mention of the picture books I am currently reading. I decided to rename my weekly post from 3 Things to Bookish Stuff because one of my followers said she did not really understand the 3 Things post and I hope the Bookish Stuff title better shows that it is a general/miscellaneous book post. Titling has never been my strong suit.

Bookish Links: Book lists are a part of the book community throughout the year, but at the end and the beginning of years is a particularly hot time. So, the bookish links this week will be book lists.

Here is a list of books that booksellers do not think got enough attention in 2016: The Year’s Best Overlooked Books, According to Booksellers

And here are two lists of most anticipated books of 2017:   The 25 Most Anticipated Books by Women for 2017  and Most Anticipated: The Great 2017 Book Preview From these two lists, I am most looking forward to the release of Hunger by Roxane Gay, All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg, and Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller.

Personal Book News: New year means a lot of people talking about their Goodreads Challenge goal number. And this year, some people are talking about their shock (and some disapproval) at seeing 200+ books read goals. My goal is 365 books. If someone just looks at that number, they may think all kinds of thoughts that are incorrect about me or my choices. This year I decided to include all of the books I read, including the picture books I read to my son. I have no idea how many books that will end up being, but I thought 365 sounded like a fine number. I’m curious to see what the final number will actually end up being. I don’t have any negative feelings toward people who read hundreds of books purely for themselves. If someone is passionate about books, is a fast reader, and has the time, why shouldn’t they read a lot of books if they can? People watch a many hours of television and movies every year, but we don’t criticize that.

Picture Books of the Week: The picture books I’ve been reading to my son this past week included This is Sadie by Sara O’Leary and Whale Trails: Before and Now by Lesa Cline-Ransome. I love This is Sadie. It has wonderful illustrations and the story is great. Sadie is a girl who has a great imagination and enjoys books. My son and I also enjoyed Whale Trails for different reasons. My son just likes animals, so a whale story book is his kind book. I’m a former history major and I really liked the dual story of whales and human society now vs in the past (with the past being in a yellow, almost sepia tone). I was also pleased to see Whale Trails had a black author and the main family (father and daughter) were black. It can be difficult to find diverse story books for my son at the library, so this was a great read overall.



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