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Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

I’ve been a fan of Roxane Gay for a few years now. Bad Feminist was the first book I ever pre-ordered and one of the few essay collections I’ve read. So, even though I don’t normally read short story collections, I knew I had to read Difficult Women.

Difficult Women is a short story collection with women obviously being a strong focal point. There is quite a range of stories in the collection. There are stories of the fantasy and science fiction genres, in addition to the literary fiction that I was expecting. I think the fantasy and science fiction stories are among my favorite in the collection, so they were delightful surprises. Some of the stories take place in Upper Pennisula Michigan. I was a little thrilled with each of those stories for personal reasons. I’m from northeastern Wisconsin, so that’s close to where I lived for most of my life.

Roxane Gay is a talented writer and it definitely shows in this collection. All of the stories are well written. It’s an excellent book and it makes me want to seek out more short story collections.

I received this book as an e-galley from NetGalley. (This does not affect my review.) The original release date was listed as January 3rd, 2017, but the book has been released early and is available as of today.